Negligent Hotel Security


Miami Negligent Hotel Security Lawyer

As a hotel patron, you are likely not suspecting that just any individual off the street can walk into your hotel and commit a crime. However, if hotel security is negligent and careless, this very situation can occur.

Theft, fights, robbery and rape can occur within a hotel if security personnel are not at their best. If you have been injured during any of these situations while checked into a hotel, you must retain an experienced Florida lawyer to obtain the best compensation possible.

Choose A Tenacious South Beach Hotel Parking Lot Assault Attorney 

Mario Serralta has represented hundreds of individuals injured due to the negligence of hotel security and other hotel personnel.

We are dedicated to offering our clients consistent communication and personalized attention throughout the entirety of the claims process. We understand that the injuries you have suffered can have a devastating impact on your physical and emotional health and finances. By working efficiently and thoroughly, we are able to help guide our clients to the best results possible.

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