Sexual Assault On A Cruise Ship



South Florida Cruise Ship Sexual Assaults Lawyer

When you boarded your Miami cruise ship for your vacation, you were likely under the assumption that your personal safety was a top concern for the employees aboard the ship. Unfortunately, rape and molestation can occur while you are on your vacation.

If you have fallen victim to sexual assault regardless of your age or your level of sobriety, you are not alone and you have done nothing wrong. First, contact the police and file a report immediately. Then, it is essential that you obtain an experienced, aggressive lawyer to file your personal injury claim.

Choose An Aggressive South Florida Cruise Ship Sex Crimes Attorney

All too often, cruise ship representatives will prolong the investigation process. You must retain a South Florida attorney within one year of the sexual assault or your right to claim compensation will be void. At Mario Serralta — Personal Injury Trial Attorney, we will zealously advocate for your rights as well as seek the best compensation possible for your injuries.

We are determined to offer consistent communication and personalized attention to each of our clients who have suffered a variety of physical assaults. Mr. Serralta has more than a dozen years of experience representing hundreds of clients who have fallen victim to the carelessness and negligence of cruise ship employees. We will help you get the medical attention you need and the results you deserve.

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