Slip & Fall On A Cruise Ship



Miami Cruise Ship Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

A cruise ship is saturated with activities that are intended to provide entertainment and fun for its passengers. However, at times, these offerings can be overabundant and lead to devastating injuries and accidents.

Select A Zealous Miami-Dade County Head Injuries Attorney

If you have been injured on a cruise ship, you must contact a South Florida lawyer within a year of the accident. At Mario Serralta — Personal Injury Trial Attorney, we will zealously advocate for the best compensation possible for our clients.

These slip-and-fall accidents can be a result of cruise employees over-serving alcohol or not cleaning walkways. If you were over-served and fell on a floor that was not properly cleaned on the top deck, the dance floor, a bathroom or even your cabin, you must seek legal representation and medical attention immediately. Back injuries, neck injuries, sprains and even death can occur due to these unsafe, negligent conditions.

We are determined to help our clients throughout the claims process from start to finish. We will help you obtain the medical attention you need and the results you deserve.

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